Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oh, Sidney

One can lament the situation in the House only as long as one wasn't in the rah-rah section of the Cholesterol Crew. Come on, Sid, did you expect any different from someone who's cabal believes the only good Republican is a dead one?

Seriously, has anything changed in the House? The same cabal of hucksters have been running things for longer than I've been alive. The people who brought us the teddy bear? The people who've helped us 'improve' our educational system to fiftieth (I'm sure Arkansas is shaking in its boots waiting to be overtaken at 49)? And of course their obstruction of anything resembling a threat to their own power-and folks, that's what its about, keeping themselves in a nice cushy position, actual work and improvements be damned.

To imply that McCoy has somehow changed everything up is laughable. The big difference now is that everything is out in the open. McCoy's got no reason to play nice with Republicans now-because he'd only been playing before.

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